I am a techie with a degree in Electrical Engineering, so I am fascinated with the technical aspects of things. Most recently that interest has focused on the Election drama. One particular aspect which seems to be misunderstood is the value of recounts. I am going to lay out a few scenarios in an attempt to illustrate how it works in simple terms. Please don’t skip ahead and follow along in sequence as my election volunteer so you can get the full impact.

Let’s go super simple. We have three voters: Bob, Sue, and Nancy. …

Before COVID-19, just like everyone else, I had a daily routine. On my drive home I spent the time, which is considerable given LA traffic, on the phone talking business and about the day’s events.

Coronavirus changed all of that. In my attempt to maintain some normalcy I have continued the car ride and phone calls. It is not always the same time and definitely not the same route, but it helps to maintain my well-being. So now instead of the nightly crawl through Los Angeles traffic, my drive takes me around parks, into drive-throughs, and to supermarkets.

The unintentional…

Charles Haspel

I am the co-founder of Moptu and a programmer, science geek, and Pokemon GO trainer.

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